Suntria's Journey to 175+ New Leads with the Snoball Referrals Module

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2023


person Number of employees: 51-200

location_searching Industry focus: Solar

calendar_month Founded: 2007

The Challenge

An in-house referral program dependent on busy sales reps

Before partnering with Snoball, Suntria encountered difficulties with its referral process because the system was heavily reliant on busy sales representatives. The sales representatives did not have the time to track and respond to all referrals, which led to unhappy homeowners waiting on their earned payment.

Estefany Whiting, a Purchasing Specialist at Suntria, explains how the referral system used to operate.

Estefany W.

Purchasing Specialist @ Suntria

This is how we handled referrals before… we essentially left it to our sales reps. They would personally reach out to homeowners... The only issue was they struggled to keep track of the referrals.

Customers found it difficult to refer friends and family due to the disorganized process, leading to frustrations and delays in payment.

"It was important for our company to find a better solution, because if we're going to preach to the world, we're going to give you the best experience, we're here to take care of you, we have to do it in every aspect."

- Estefany, Purchasing Specialist @ Suntria

The Solution

An automated referral platform aligned with Suntria's values

Suntria found its ideal solution in Snoball—a platform that aligns seamlessly with Suntria's values.

After a thorough exploration of referral platform options, Suntria finally settled on Snoball because of its honesty, shared values, and ability to provide exceptional support.

"After a few meetings, it really stuck with us that Snoball values customers. They value their partners. And we're like, this is the people we want. We want a partner who's got the same ideas, the same morals, values, and are just looking to overall be better for homeowners."

- Estefany, Purchasing Specialist @ Suntria

The Snoball Referrals Module simplified the process for Suntria. Sales reps could effortlessly send a monthly list of potential referrals, eaving the communication and follow-ups to Snoball. The implementation was smooth and Suntria began seeing new referrals pour in.

The Results

A better customer experience for sending in referrals and ongoing feedback to improve customer service

Snoball proved instrumental in enhancing both the sales reps' experience and, more importantly, the experience of Suntria's customers.

With Snoball managing communications, sales reps could concentrate on their core strengths and responsibilities.

In addition, the feedback from Snoball's messaging was particularly impactful, providing valuable insights and fostering genuine connections with customers.

As for results, Suntria has seen a significant increase in referrals, with the Snoball platform generating around 175 new referrals, demonstrating the effectiveness of the system in driving customer engagement and satisfaction. This has had a positive impact on the bottom line.

Key Metrics

New Referrals
Request to Referral Rate
Close Rate After Appt.


Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Effective feedback mechanism

Effective feedback mechanism

Increased referral volume and revenue

Increased referral volume and revenue

Improved customer experience

Estefany emphasized the positive impact Snoball has had on the customer experience, noting, "Our customers love it because it's been, it's been so easy for them."

Snoball's personalized approach, combining automation with human interaction, resonated with customers, leading to an increase in satisfaction and engagement.

Effective feedback mechanism

Snoball provided Suntria with a reliable feedback mechanism directly from customers. Estefany mentioned, "The feedback with customers has been really important for us because we ask for their honest feedback."

This feedback loop enabled Suntria to continuously improve their services based on real-time insights and customer suggestions, resulting in a more customer-centric approach.

Increased referral volume and revenue

By leveraging Snoball's platform, Suntria saw a significant increase in referral volume and subsequent revenue generation. Estefany noted, "We've received almost hundreds of new referrals from the Snoball platform... 175 referrals we've just received in the last couple of months."

This surge in referrals not only expanded Suntria's customer base but also contributed to their bottom line, showcasing the effectiveness of Snoball's referral system in driving business growth.

Suntria and Snoball.


A strong partnership projected to bring growth to Suntria

The partnership with Snoball has already brought significant positive impacts on Suntria's growth trajectory. The platform's contribution includes a substantial increase in referrals and a robust 3.35% referral rate. The long-term benefits include ongoing feedback, an enhanced customer experience, and substantial stress relief for sales reps.

“In the long term, I mean, we've already seen it now. Snoball has not only just a great referral system, we've been able to use every tool they've given us.

Whether it's the badges, the profile, it just helps.

They have taken care of us. They've taken care of our customers. They're always building themselves to be better, which in the end, it's going to build your company to be better.”

- Estefany, Purchasing Specialist @ Suntria

Suntria is unwavering in its commitment to Snoball, citing the platform's focused support in achieving success and helping the company better serve homeowners.


A solar and renewable energy company committed to proper solar education

Suntria offers sophisticated solutions such as solar and battery systems, seamlessly managed and continuously monitored through an innovative mobile app. Since its inception in 2007, Suntria's team of experts has proudly served over 17,000 homeowners, bringing a blend of passion and excitement to every project.

Engaged in the design, development, installation, sale, financing, maintenance, and monitoring of residential energy systems, Suntria has become a trusted name in the southwest region of the U.S. Suntria's commitment goes beyond conventional service. As innovators in the field, they hold multiple patents for their home energy storage systems, showcasing a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable.

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Three solutions in one seamless system

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Automation and CRM integration

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Complete marketing funnel built on trust

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Easy onboarding and world-class support

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