From Manual Stress to Automated Success: Atlasta Streamlines Referral Operations with a 77 percent Sold Rate

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2023


person Number of employees: 11-50

location_searching Industry focus: Solar energy

calendar_month Founded: 1979

The Challenge

A manual referral program that's difficult to manage and track

Prior to implementing Snoball, Atlasta Solar Center faced significant challenges in managing and tracking the referrals that constituted a substantial portion of their business. The manual tracking system was time-consuming, prone to errors, and resulted in a stressful day-to-day operation for the team.

The referral tracking process involved extensive manual efforts, with a team member spending a significant amount of time each week tracking and managing referrals. The lack of an efficient system not only impacted the productivity of the team but also led to delays in responding to customers who referred potential clients. Cassandra describes the experience of managing the manual referral program at Atlasta.

Cassandra S.

Office Manager @ Atlasta Solar Center

On a day-to-day basis, trying to manage the referrals was pretty stressful. I would have to sticky note a lot of them and then go back to them. It was a never-ending process.

The Solution

An automated referral platform that alleviates time and stress for employees

Recognizing the need for a better referral solution, Atlasta Solar Center turned to Snoball. The decision to participate in the beta test marked the beginning of a transformative journey for the company.

Matt F.

Co-Owner and Marketing Director
@ Atlasta Solar Center

When Snoball opened up the Referrals Module, we were approached to try it out on a beta basis and agreed. We didn't realize the benefits that we would soon recognize in our business.
Not only the time saved by not having to manually track these referrals coming in but also the systematization. Sending out a referral request to every single homeowner and nurturing those requests over time.

The implementation process was smooth, taking approximately ten hours to set up and integrate with the company's existing operations. With Snoball in place, the manual and time-consuming aspects of tracking referrals were replaced with a streamlined and automated system.

"Now when I receive a referral, I get the paper, I input six entries into a spreadsheet, and I throw that paper away to move on to the rest of my daily tasks."

- Cassandra, Office Manager @ Atlasta Solar Center

Instead of spending hours managing hundreds of referral files, the team now inputs a few key details into a spreadsheet, reducing the workload and increasing overall efficiency.

The Results

An increase in referrals and improved customer satisfaction

The impact of Snoball on Atlasta Solar Center was immediate and significant. The company experienced a notable increase in the number of referrals, with a total of 93 referrals coming in since utilizing the platform. Impressively, approximately 77 percent of these referrals were successfully converted into sales.

Key Metrics

New Referrals
Sold Rate After Appt.
Request to Referral Rate

The streamlined process not only delivered exceptional numbers but also improved customer satisfaction. Matt highlighted the newfound clarity in the payout process, anticipating an increase in referrals from satisfied customers.

The newfound efficiency and organization provided by Snoball eliminated stress for the team, particularly for Cassandra who was responsible for managing referrals.

“Snoball has provided three tangible benefits to our business. Our operations team saves time and money. Our customers are happier. They know what to expect and when to expect it.

Our referrals that are coming in are ready to go, ready to have the conversation because we are working with that referral as soon as they come in.”

- Matt, Co-Owner and Marketing Director at Atlasta Solar Center

KEY OUTCOMES FOR Atlasta Solar Center

Reduced marketing costs

Reduced marketing costs

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Increased conversion rate

Increased conversion rate

Operational Savings

Snoball saved the company a considerable amount of time, estimated at five to ten plus hours per week, which was previously dedicated to manual referral tracking. This efficiency translated to cost savings and increased productivity.

Improved customer experience

Snoball's referral automation tool not only made internal processes smoother but also enhanced the customer experience. Referral program participants received timely updates and the overall transparency improved customer satisfaction.

Increased conversion rate

With a more organized and efficient referral management process, Atlasta Solar Center saw a significant increase in the conversion rate of referrals into closed business, boosting overall revenue.

Atlasta and Snoball.


A strong partnership projected to bring growth to Atlasta

Looking forward, Matt expressed confidence in Snoball's long-term impact on Atlasta Solar Center. The operational improvement, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced referral quality position Snoball as a pivotal element in Atlasta's continued growth.

“I am confident that Snoball has provided a significant amount of value to our business and will continue to do so by providing our customers with what to expect and when to expect their referral incentive, saving our team countless hours per year.

The systematization Snoball has afforded us will continue to pay off and it is going to be part of our marketing platform for the foreseeable future.”

- Matt, Co-Owner and Marketing Director at Atlasta Solar Center
Atlasta Solar Center solar array on the top of a desert home


A solar and renewable energy company with a history of top-notch customer service

​In the dynamic landscape of solar energy, Atlasta Solar Center has been a trailblazer since its establishment in 1979. With a commitment to "Service with integrity," Atlasta has earned its reputation as western Colorado's premier solar installer, focusing on quality, customer service, and education.

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