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If you started an email review campaign, you should start seeing a few reviews funnel in. You can respond to these reviews and use the positive reviews as marketing collateral. Explore our custom asset builder.

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Free Guide: The Guide to Buying Word of Mouth Marketing Software

Trying to figure out how word of mouth marketing (WOMM) fits into your strategy? Download our free resource guide that covers these four main questions:

  • east What is word of mouth marketing?
  • east Why should you invest in improving your WOMM?
  • east What's in it for your marketing and sales team?
  • east How can you get approval from internal stakeholders?
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If you've enjoyed using your Snoball account, take the next step in your word of mouth marketing journey by upgrading to the Pro Plan. You'll unlock a wide variety of features that will best help you grown your online reputation and turn your positive customer feedback into persuasive marketing assets.

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  • lock Infographic asset builder and award announcement asset builder
  • lock 2 video reviews per month downloadable and published on YouTube
  • lock Automated referral generation process and more
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