WOMM Podcast Featuring Riley Thompson from Hawx Smart Pest Control

WOMM Podcast Featuring Riley Thompson from Hawx Smart Pest Control

Kaitlyn Short

Written by: Kaitlyn Short | Snoball Editorial Team

Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024

Snoball proudly spotlights Hawx Smart Pest Control in a recent WOMM podcast episode talking with Riley Thompson, Marketing Coordinator at Hawx Smart Pest Control. The podcast episode explores Hawx Smart Pest Control's unwavering commitment to giving back. The company was recently awarded the 2023 Giving Back Award presented by Snoball.

A Decade of Excellence

Founded in 2013, Hawx Smart Pest Control has evolved into an industry leader with a remarkable journey. Starting as a door-to-door service, the company has grown exponentially, currently boasting 34 branches nationwide.

Innovation in Pest Control

Known as "Hawx Smart Pest Control," the company differentiates itself by embracing the latest advancements in pest control. From expert knowledge to cutting-edge systems, Hawx Smart Pest Control consistently outsmarts pests and protects homes effectively.

Environmental Stewardship

Hawx Smart Pest Control's commitment to environmental sustainability shines through initiatives like the One Tree Planted campaign. For every new customer, a tree is planted, contributing to global reforestation efforts. Arbor Day saw the company's teams nationwide plant over 80 trees, showcasing their dedication to tangible environmental impact.

Save the Bees and Community Engagement

Taking a stand for the environment, Hawx Smart Pest Control actively participates in the Save the Bees initiative. Rather than exterminating bees, the company collaborates with beekeepers to safely relocate colonies, supporting both bee preservation and community well-being.

Beyond environmental efforts, Hawx Smart Pest Control engages in meaningful community initiatives, including Breast Cancer Research and "Fight the Hunger" events, reflecting their commitment to impactful causes.

Why Giving Back Matters

Snoball acknowledges Hawx Smart Pest Control's role in exemplifying that "good" is an action, not just a descriptor. As a company committed to promoting those doing good for the world, Snoball extends appreciation to Hawx Smart Pest Control for their outstanding contributions.

About Hawx Smart Pest Control

Hawx Smart Pest Control, celebrating its 10-year anniversary, is a pioneering pest control company committed to excellence, innovation, and meaningful contributions to the environment and community.

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