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Last Updated: Nov 17, 2023


In a recent episode of the WOMM podcast, Dorit Baxter, the CMO of Connect America, shared valuable insights on marketing and leadership. Connect America was featured on our 2023 Companies to Watch list for its continued enhancement in digital health and focus on expert senior leadership. 

Podcast Highlights

With a wealth of experience, Dorit offers practical advice, shedding light on the creation of internal advocates, the significance of trusting marketing teams, and the art of reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) through account-based marketing (ABM).

Create Internal Advocates

Dorit emphasizes the importance of building internal advocates within an organization. Fostering enthusiasm among team members about your brand can turn them into powerful advocates who amplify your marketing efforts.

According to Dorit, "Advocates should know why you've chosen your tagline, why you've picked the colors you've picked, how can they apply the branding consistently, and then making sure that they are equipped with the tools, the templates, and that they know who to go to whenever they have a question."

However, Dorit issues a cautionary note against excessive fixation on competitors, emphasizing that such preoccupation can dilute your authentic identity. As she puts it, "While competitive analyses are essential, they shouldn't dominate your thoughts to the extent that you lose sight of your unique strengths and offerings."

Dorit proposes a proactive approach, suggesting the implementation of workshops and the provision of tools to foster a culture of advocacy. The primary focus for marketers should be on empowering advocates with comprehensive knowledge about the brand, ensuring they are well-prepared to effectively represent it.

Trust your Marketing Team

Dorit stresses the importance of team empowerment through active listening and trust. In her words, "Start listening to your team and trusting your team... let people focus on the things that matter and stop making them report on things that are unimportant."

As a marketing leader, Dorit advises listening to your team, trusting their expertise, and reducing unnecessary reporting requirements. By giving team members the autonomy to concentrate on significant tasks, leaders can unlock their potential, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

According to Dorit, the key lies in trusting your team to handle essential activities without micromanaging. She says, “If I can't trust you to do those activities throughout the week, then it's a different conversation. So really let people focus on the things that matter, trust them to do their job, and stop making them report on things that are unimportant."

Dorit advocates for a shift away from trivial reporting, urging leaders to allow their teams to concentrate on tasks that contribute to meaningful outcomes. This approach not only fosters a culture of trust but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the team.

Lowering CAC through Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Dorit suggests using account-based marking (ABM) principles to optimize the cost of customer acquisition (CAC). She offers this advice: 

"You should start out by actually listing the company's names... then go and research and find out where do these companies go? What events do they attend?"

Dorit's recommendation centers on the importance of identifying ideal customers, conducting thorough research on their activities, and strategically tailoring marketing efforts. By adopting ABM principles, businesses can refine their targeting strategies, thereby making their marketing endeavors more impactful.

She further emphasizes the strategy of a targeted approach, noting, "You're not going to have as much money and as much time as you would love to have to be able to reach everybody. So why not make it more targeted? And when you do that, you can actually spend a little bit more to create more valuable experiences."

Dorit advocates for a shift toward targeted marketing efforts, asserting that this approach not only allows for more efficient resource allocation but also enables the creation of high-quality, meaningful experiences for the intended audience. Her strategy promotes a focused and cost-effective approach to customer acquisition.

About Dorit and Connect America

Dorit Baxter, the Chief Marketing Officer of Connect America, shares a rich background that blends professional expertise with a personal touch. Residing in Rhode Island, she originally hails from the Los Angeles area and has navigated a journey through various locations.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dorit is a dedicated family person, married with a son, and finds joy in spending quality time together. Her interests extend to the culinary realm, where she explores her passion for cooking, complemented by an active lifestyle that includes weightlifting.

Dorit's journey into marketing wasn't conventional, starting as a journalist and later transitioning into the marketing realm during her tenure at IBM. Her pivotal moment occurred during a dynamic meeting where marketing decisions unfolded, sparking her desire to pursue a career in marketing. 

Connect America is committed to empowering individuals to age gracefully and comfortably in their homes. The company leverages a spectrum of technologies, including connected devices, tech-enabled services, and data analytics, to enhance the well-being of the aging population.

The overarching mission of Connect America is to facilitate a secure and connected environment, allowing individuals to stay at home while accessing necessary care. Connect America caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from individual consumers seeking in-home assistance to healthcare professionals and organizations responsible for the well-being of aging or vulnerable populations.

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