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Last Updated: May 29, 2024

Landon Taylor is the CEO and co-founder of both Snoball and He has answered five frequently asked questions regarding the Snoball rebrand and what sets the company apart moving forward. 


  1. Why did the team decide to change the name from Best Company for Business to Snoball?
  2. What makes Snoball different?
  3. What is Snoball's relationship with
  4. What is the Snoball Effect?
  5. What makes you most excited about the future of Snoball?

Why did the team decide to change the name from Best Company for Business to Snoball?

 ​ "We changed the name from Best Company for Business to Snoball because Best Company for Business for years was primarily focused on reviews and reputation marketing. is perfect for that. But as we added the Referrals Module earlier this year, it really completed the flywheel effect of the three Rs of word of mouth marketing and really accelerated that snowball effect.

And we felt Snoball was the perfect name to really capture what we're doing for brands."

What makes Snoball different?

"It really comes down to two simple things. One, we're a single platform done for you. Second, we engage with your customers, not just one time, but over the lifetime of their business with you. We'll be reaching out and ready at the right time to ask for a referral or ask for a review.

Nobody else is doing that! It solves the pain point of having to piece together all these things, and you've just got one solution. So what does this mean for brands? Finally, brands have a solution they can plug into. Take all the hard work they've done to create a happy customer, and now they can finally know that behind the scenes, once they plug in, this is happening.

This flywheel is taking place, and they can focus on what they do best — deliver on a quality service or product. And this flywheel will be taking place behind the scenes. Single platform and an ongoing nurturing conversation with their customers to get those things that matter most to the brand." 

What is Snoball's relationship with

"The name change to Snoball does not diminish by any means the power of is perfect for establishing your brand presence, generating reviews, and then really getting the most out of those reviews in terms of social proofing.

Snoball is deeply integrated into Meaning, Snoball will power the listing for a brand on and also be the engine behind generating those reviews to the listing for that brand. Snoball can work with other directories and listing platforms just the same, but is a preferred directory because of the presence, the organic footprint, and the power that platform has."

What is the Snoball Effect?

"As you think about the Snoball Effect, at least for me, I envision this snowball starting to roll down the mountain, and over time it gets bigger, it gets more powerful, and it builds momentum. We help companies who have gone to great lengths, who have made it a focus, to provide a delightful customer experience. They've produced happy customers. They've done the hard work. Our platform helps them get the most out of those happy customers and get that ball, that snowball, rolling down the mountain and building steam over time. One customer at a time.

Now, how do we do this? It starts by engaging with your customers on your behalf. We'll reach out, we'll have an authentic conversation, we'll lead asking them for referrals or letting them know about the referral program.

A lot of time, customers, the first time you reach out to them or the second or third time, they're not ready to refer right then, but they still are happy. So that's a signal to our system to ask them for a review and a video testimonial. Those are rich assets that now you can leverage to then market your reputation.

So as you think about the three Rs, you kind of zoom out. The Snoball Effect of our platform is we'll start with referrals. They'll help us identify the advocates and get reviews and video testimonials. With those assets, you can now market your reputation.

All of those things — referrals, reviews, and reputation marketing — drive direct or indirect new customers, which adds to the snowball, the size of your customer base. And over time, your customers will be thrilled to refer business to you. It'll be easy for them to do it. We make it super easy for them to do it and make it a delightful experience.

So that's the Snoball Effect and how our platform helps facilitate that for our brands."

What makes you most excited about the future of Snoball?

"For me, the most exciting thing about the future is getting this out to those type of companies. Watching them plug in and then seeing that the hard work and effort that they put into their, to their customer experience, pays off in terms of more customers with a systematic word of mouth marketing platform.

That's what gets me the most excited. Watching that cream rise to the top, shining a light on those types of companies, and watching them grow."

About Landon

Landon Taylor is the CEO and co-founder of Snoball. He loves to see others thrive and feel empowered. That motivation is at the core of Landon's experiences in playing and coaching sports, building businesses, and leading and contributing to teams on and off the field. It's also at the core of Snoball's mission to help companies unlock the power of word of mouth marketing for their brands.

Since graduating from BYU in 2005, Landon has been a bootstrapped entrepreneur. He and his wife, Kelsi, have five kids and live in Alpine, Utah. He feels blessed to have worked with amazing people and has learned many valuable lessons from the last 16 years of failures and successes.

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