15 Customer Video Testimonials You Can Learn From

15 Customer Video Testimonials You Can Learn From

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Last Updated: Apr 7, 2021

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Customer testimonials can generate 62 percent more revenue from every customer every time they visit your site.

But how can you make a testimonial so convincing?

We've compiled this bank of customer testimonials for your inspiration from some of the brands listed on Best Company. These examples prove that you have many options when it comes to your approach. Some companies hire videographers, others help their customers record their own stories. No matter your budget and scope, there's an idea for you.


Lendio knows that a good customer testimonial is about the customer. Framing a testimonial around the customer, rather than leading with your brand, helps viewers see themselves in the customer’s shoes.

Crown Jade Engineering closes with a valuable statistic: with Lendio’s help, they’ll be able to double or triple their growth next year. Being able to add quantifiable results to a testimonial builds credibility.


For this testimonial, the customer uses his own camera to tell his story. If you operate nationwide like Sproutt, it can be smart to ask customers you may not be able to reach in person to record a testimonial.

Put some smart editing on their testimonial, ask them the right questions to help them tell their story, and kazaam! You have a video testimonial to share with the skeptics.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian interviews its ideal customer for this testimonial. Prospective customers prefer to see someone like themselves in marketing materials before they’ll give you a shot, so you should try doing the same.

Medical Guardian interviews Beth in her home, which is a tried-and-true journalist technique to humanize the interviewee. We all know someone like Beth! But we might not have known that if we hadn’t seen the family photos, the grandkids’ toys in the background, and Beth carrying heavy baskets up and down her stairs.


Aptive uses our Business Suite program to gather video customer reviews. You can compile testimonials for something like this, highlighting your most valuable features and showing several real customers. All this takes is a little editing magic.


Trying to reach a new target market? Work with influencers!

Zenni Optical is reaching a new target audience with its blue-light blocking glasses. But how does the company convince gamers to buy them? Zenni asks pro gamers to try its glasses and gets this money quote: “Every gamer can actually benefit from them.”


Ruby leads by discussing what she’s already tried to straighten her teeth: braces. Braces are the aligner industry’s long-standing competitor, and that’s why Ruby’s testimonial is liquid gold.

Ask your interviewees questions about what didn’t work when you’re framing the problem, and you might land answers that debunk your competitors.

Nectar Sleep

Does your product need a thorough review? Pass it off to a professional reviewer and let them weigh the pros and cons for your buyers.

Nectar let Keith from Tuck review one of its mattresses. Keith’s review is more thorough than the typical customer’s, and he covers mattress tech most buyers wouldn’t even think to comment on. 

You can’t have all your testimonials be video reviews because some customers will be skeptical that they’re paid promotion. But professional reviews in conjunction with customer testimonials make for great social proof.


Policygenius doesn’t waste viewers’ time — the company gets to the point in a thirty-second video. 

Policygenius uses its own studio to interview past clients, which ensures consistent, quality video. While this isn’t any longer than most customer reviews, viewers get to see the real person making the remarks.


One real person’s testimonial isn't always enough. Show your prospective customers a reel of reviews. With your editing, you can dress up the customer testimonials and address several pain points with one video.

Blinds.com shows off its products while playing a reel of reviews so prospective customers don't need to click away to find examples of what they offer.

Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief compiles a reel of its customers that weaves all the common threads in their stories together. The video presents all the customers’ pain points before moving onto their unique solutions. This editing gives viewers a glimpse of the different services Freedom Debt Relief offers.

Prep Expert

Most test preppers want the same thing: to get a better score. That’s why it’s not so necessary to set the stage and explain their problems. Instead, Prep Expert keeps it short and sweet.

Prep Expert arranges all its customers testimonials in tiles on its site. Together, they’re mighty. Nearly every one includes an impressive success metric. It makes sense that the company's target audience is after measurable results, so that’s why Prep Experts focuses on those numbers.

Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief keeps a CTA overlaid on the testimonial so customers know who to call, keeping it top of mind. Another thing Optima Tax Relief does right is mentioning its positive customer reviews — Ron isn’t the only customer the company has helped! Citing reviews increases credibility.


SoFi leads with an impressive stat about its refinance rates. That immediately piques interest for the viewer. And while the customer testimonials are mostly recorded on phones and desktops, the editing takes this to another level that appeals to its target market.

Guardian Protection

Guardian Protection went all in for this testimonial, filming on location, dedicating four minutes to Megan’s story, paying for top-dollar videography, and bringing Andy on set. The end result is emotional. No wonder Guardian Protection features it on the company's main page; this appeal to emotion could leave anyone wanting home security!

Momentum Solar

Did you know that displaying reviews for a higher-priced product can increase conversion by 380 percent? That's why a customer testimonial means even more for the solar industry than it might for an inexpensive ecommerce product. 

Momentum Solar films its installation and interviews its customer to show viewers what they can expect.

What are you waiting for?

Getting new customers can be as easy as interviewing your old ones. Start collecting reviews from your happy customers and see your brand trust grow.

We'll gather video testimonials for you.

Best Company helps businesses from all industries gather reviews they can use to increase conversions and build brand trust. See what makes us different from our competitors.

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