Best Company's Solar Category Surpasses 25,000 Reviews

Best Company's Solar Category Surpasses 25,000 Reviews

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Written by: Alayna Okerlund | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2023

March 2022 — Best Company’s solar category, which features over 800 companies, recently surpassed 25,000 consumer reviews. 

This is the first time an individual category on the review site has reached this many consumer reviews. Best Company mainly attributes this 25,000+ review-generation success to its internal team efforts and to its quality partnerships with companies listed within the solar category. 

How Best Company partnerships led to increased review generation

The review site offers both consumer and business-focused services. 

Best Company's business app, which hosts its business services, gives companies the ability to customize their profiles, request reviews from their customers, respond to customer reviews, establish effective review campaigns, and market their brands. 

Many solar businesses within Best Company’s solar vertical have actively utilized their business partnerships with the review site to generate and gather a large number of reviews from their customers. Additionally, these companies have responded to reviews and improved their reputations via the business app, which ultimately contributed to the increase in customer reviews for Best Company’s solar category. 

Examples of solar companies on Best Company that have more than 100 reviews 

Out of the 800+ solar companies listed on Best Company, 35 feature over 100 customer reviews. Sunnova, Sun Badger Solar, SunPower, Sol-Up, and Solar Optimum are just a few examples of companies in our solar category that have over 100 reviews. 

Below is a breakdown of their review counts on Best Company as of March 2022: 

Solar companies Total reviews Percentage of total reviews with 4 or 5 stars
Sunnova 1,054 66%
Sun Badger Solar 179 84%
SunPower  2,717 87%
Sol-Up 347 97%
Solar Optimum 515 97%

*Review data provided by Best Company

Lindsey Stellflue, Solar Success Manager at Sun Badger Solar said "Best Company was new to Sun Badger just over one year ago and it has really provided more opportunities for our business to grow!"

Stellflue added "We use the review campaigns on a monthly basis which helps keep our company's growth and quality work relevant for potential customers to know who we are, and also to see what they can expect if they go solar with us! Finally, the support that Best Company provides makes Sun Badger feel like a priority in this industry!" 

How Best Company’s teams have contributed to the solar review count 

Along with business partnerships, Best Company’s in-house review team has made moves to increase the number and quality of reviews via various review campaigns, review verification processes and tools, email/social media outreach, and more.  

Best Company’s marketing team has also made an effort to spread the word to companies about how review generation can lead to greater brand trust among consumers. Because of this, more companies have started initiating review-generation processes and considering a Best Company partnership. 

“Within the past year, we’ve implemented various email and social media campaigns and have attended several great events in an effort to connect with businesses that we believe could benefit from Best Company for business,” said Justin Ashby, VP of Product Marketing at Best Company. 

Ashby said, “We've met and partnered with many fantastic solar companies just this last year and in these first few months of 2022, and we’re excited to continue working with them.” 

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Best Company review statement

Best Company feels that reviews are an integral part of any successful business strategy, especially for companies that reside in large-investment purchase industries like solar.  

Consumers are more likely to spend time researching solar than other industries because it is a larger, long-term purchase. According to Best Company’s 2021 Consumer Report, 93% of consumers surveyed said they read reviews before at least some of their purchases. Additionally, 83% said they are more likely to make a purchase from a company that has verified customer reviews. 

Best Company’s CEO, Landon Taylor, said “Reviews are a powerful source of validation for the Best Company platform. Because of that, we know just how big of an impact they can have on business growth and reputation. We’ve put great effort into creating tools that can help businesses not only generate more reviews from their customers but also form stronger relationships with them.”

He added, “We’re excited about our latest Best Company for business launch. We’ve created a new website and are adding more features to help meet all of our partners’ marketing and reputation needs in a single, straightforward application.”

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