Best Company Podcast Featuring Guests Keith Murphy and Tyler Tucker From Astrawatt Solar

Alayna Okerlund

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Last Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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Best Company’s VP of Marketing, Justin Ashby, recently spoke with Keith Murphy, Founder and CEO of Astrawatt Solar, and Tyler Tucker, CDO and Co-Owner of Astrawatt Solar about how they established trust with their customers and successfully rebranded. 

Podcast highlights 

Astrawatt Solar went through a recent rebrand and was largely able to maintain customer trust throughout the process in addition to getting new customers. 

When Justin asked about how they were able to accomplish this feat, Keith and Tyler mentioned that it all came down to how they built their foundation of customer trust. 

Keith said that Astrawatt Solar focuses on having a non-aggressive approach and treating their customers right. 

“First and foremost, our mission is to provide better solar experiences, and it starts with the sales and marketing process.” 

“Doing good work and treating people the right way. It’s a long-term play and that’s the route we’ve taken. We grew very slow the first few years . . . ”

Tyler echoed Keith’s statement and said that the company’s honest and educational approach to customers is part of the reason why Astrawatt Solar was able to establish such a level of customer trust.

“We want to be as educational as possible. There’s no hidden agenda . . . We’ve had a lot of success not being pushy.” We want (customers) to do their due diligence without being pressured.”  

“We’re going to educate the consumer . . .  and then we want them to go get two, three, four estimates. We want them to know at the end of the day that they’re getting the best service and products for the right price.”

Keith also attributed a large portion of Astrawatt’s success to employees and reviews. 

“We do good work. We have good people. We have good sales teams. We have good reviews . . .  That’s what we live and die by. It’s working.” 

He mentioned that Astrawatt’s service teams are able to go above and beyond with customer care, which helps the company maintain customer satisfaction. 

“We have service teams in every location meaning if a system goes down . . . they call us and we get out there and do it. I’m not going to say that’s unusual or unique, but it’s definitely not something that everyone does . . . People know they can reach us.” 

About Keith and Tyler 

Keith Murphy started Astrawatt Solar in 2016 because he was frustrated by the sheer number of pushy solar sales companies and wanted to give homeowners the solar experience they deserve. His focus on creating a great solar experience has led Astrawatt Solar to become one of the top solar companies in the United States.  

Tyler Tucker is a veteran of the solar industry and has led several solar sales companies. He joined Astrawatt Solar in 2019 because he was attracted to Astrawatt’s focus on educating homeowners and helping prospective customers get all of the information they need to make the right decision about going solar. 

About Astrawatt Solar 

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Astrawatt Solar is a solar energy installer that has partnered with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to provide high-quality solar products to its customers.

Astrawatt Solar aims to lead Kansas City towards energy independence in the transition away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable, and reliable solar energy. The company also strives to maintain the highest quality products, engineering, installation, and customer service for each residential, agricultural, and commercial solar energy project.

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