Best Company Podcast Featuring Guest Chelsea Glass from Everyday Life Insurance

Best Company Podcast Featuring Guest Chelsea Glass from Everyday Life Insurance

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Written by: Alayna Okerlund | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Best Company’s VP of Marketing, Justin Ashby recently sat down with Chelsea Glass, Director of Performance Marketing at Everyday Life Insurance to talk about how the company cuts through the noise on social media and creates content that resonates with its audience. 

Podcast highlights 

Chelsea started her marketing career by building a community for a personal finance brand. She explained that this first job taught her the importance of being consistent with your brand’s various marketing strategies and messages. 

“I learned very quickly how important it is for your audience to really connect to a brand and doing that in a way that really speaks to them and having a synergy across, not only your social media platforms but the way your brand message speaks to them on your website and in your email marketing. This really omnichannel approach and having that message very cohesive is essential.” 

After five years with the personal finance brand, Chelsea made her way to Everyday Life Insurance. She mentioned that one of the biggest challenges she has run into is marketing for a smaller brand that has large competitors. 

“The biggest challenge is being a small brand fish in a big ocean of big fish…it’s difficult to stand out as a not as easily recognizable brand to consumers in general and also being able to compete with them in some of the paid spaces is very different.” 

She said that her team at Everyday Life found a way to stand out among their competitors on a single, newer platform — TikTok. 

“We’ve had to get really creative and really scrappy and go find the corners of the market where they [large competitors] weren’t. And we successfully found a really great and engaged community on TikTok, and organic TikTok no less.” 

While the company has tested out some paid marketing on TikTok, Chelsea mentioned that the majority of its marketing success has taken place in the platform’s organic space. 

“We put in some paid social ads in that space as well, but our organic growth there has been exceptional. That’s where our audience is and that’s where we headed in (and) we grew 10,000 followers in less than three months. And over two million views now, so it was a really great opportunity.”  

Chelsea explained that her team had to rethink their initial marketing approach to TikTok due to the platform’s audience. 

“Our first aim was to build that top-of-funnel brand awareness. And TikTok…is a great space for educating people, but we found that going straight into that hard sell, immediately talking about life insurance, wasn’t really that successful.” 

After research and consideration, Chelsea’s team ended up forming a different type of marketing strategy on TikTok that better resonated with their target audience. 

“People want to be educated in an entertaining way, so we kind of took this back-door approach to engaging our audience by asking questions that get them thinking about needing something like life insurance. We have this man-on-the-street style. So, we have creators go up to random people and ask them ‘what would you leave behind if you left this earth today?’... It’s provocative and people are really responsive to that.”

When Justin asked Chelsea about Everyday Life’s omnichannel strategy, she explained that her team utilizes the TikTok video content elsewhere and strives to focus on education instead of pushing people to purchase life insurance. 

“We take a lot of that video content and distribute it across some of our other social platforms, specifically Instagram reels.” 

“Bringing your audience into your ecosystem isn’t enough…what we’ve built are these email-drip campaigns. Once we get a person’s contact, we can start kind of educating them through our email service and guide them toward making a life insurance decision that works for them. We try not to do too much of the hard sell…we really try to educate them and provide a lot of transparency into the life insurance industry as a whole.” 

Chelsea also mentioned that social proof is a big focus of Everyday Life’s marketing strategy. 

“Social proof is really important. Life insurance is a high-consideration category….There’s a lot of thought and a lot of research that the majority of people put into looking for a life insurance product.” 

“So, one of the things that we really do is that we’re really big on reviews. We highlight that, we highlight our customer testimonials, we’re in contact with our customers constantly through email, and then also we have a backing of the financial health network.”

About Chelsea

Chelsea Glass was always taught that it's not polite to talk about yourself. She then grew up and decided she would break down barriers like that whenever she could. Chelsea is an experienced growth marketer, graphic designer, and social media strategist with a history of working in B2C.

Chelsea built a reputation for attracting, engaging, and retaining followers by focusing on the unique, changing motives and preferences of users. In her years of experience, she learned that building and delivering highly tailored, individualized messaging aligned to audience needs is the best path to optimizing brand growth.

Her career started with building a loyal community around a brand and, from there, she worked up to creating and managing content, establishing a growth angle by tapping into image SEO, and developing congruency between visual elements and editorial content. Chelsea prides herself on being highly creative and skilled in marketing strategy, graphic design, creative messaging, management, Adobe Design Suite, a multitude of social media platforms, analytics tools, and more.

Before receiving her Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Communication and Public Relations from Kennesaw State University, Chelsea was a Navy Scholarship recipient to the University of South Carolina. A knee injury cost Chelsea her scholarship but challenged her to succeed no matter the circumstances.

Chelsea is a mom of three and is proof that if you want a job done the best and most efficient way, give the task to a mom of multiples. She loves to bake and is an avid runner.

About Everyday Life Insurance

Founded in 2018, Everyday Life Insurance is a life insurance tech company that is striving to make life insurance accessible and affordable for millions of people who otherwise wouldn't be able to get covered on their own. 

The company has partnerships with DCU FinTech, Legal & General, Global Insurance Accelerator, and VillageCapital. 

Everyday Life recently added machine-learning capabilities that prevent denied applications for insurance by re-routing applicants to a more suitable product.

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