Best Company Podcast Featuring Guest John Lenz From CB Solar

Best Company Podcast Featuring Guest John Lenz From CB Solar

Alayna Okerlund

Written by: Alayna Okerlund | Snoball Editorial Team

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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Best Company’s VP of Marketing, Justin Ashby, recently spoke with John Lenz, the Director of Online Sales at CB Solar about how CB Solar has built and maintained a strong, state-focused reputation in the solar industry. 

Podcast highlights

CB Solar services only Iowa residents. Throughout this podcast episode, John emphasized that CB Solar actually chose to stay within one state because the company wanted to focus on providing the most quality customer service possible instead of spreading itself too thinly over a wide service area. 

“We’ve been around for nine years. We’re one of Iowa’s oldest-running solar installers here. We could’ve branched out to several states across the country, but we chose to just have a laser focus here in Iowa. Basically be on a first-name basis with utilities, permitting, offices, everything like that.” 

John believes many large solar companies aren’t as responsive or customer-focused because they have more customers than they can handle. John reiterated that CB Solar can easily service customers right away and has established a strong reputation because they focus on such a limited area. 

John also mentioned that the people at CB Solar have played a major role in maintaining the company’s quality reputation. 

“We’re able to find the right people that are very good at what they do that are easily able to support customers.” 

When Justin asked John about the company’s customer experiences, John explained that reviews have been a large testament to CB Solar’s current reputation.

“I know that I am selling on behalf of a company that will be able to take care of (customers) for many, many years to come, which is why we have so many awesome reviews from people that we installed many, many years ago.”

John also said that their reviews have helped him know that he’s working for a good solar company. 

“I mean I think the majority of our reviews are like ‘yeah, they installed us five years ago and it’s working great so far still.’ That really, really speaks volumes. . . A, the product that I’m selling is right, and B, the company that I’m selling on behalf of is great as well.” 

About John 

Since earning his MBA from Southern Illinois University, John's mission has been to empower those he works with by helping them take control of their financial future. 

After working in financial services at Northwestern Mutual and State Farm, he switched to the solar industry in 2020. There, he's been able to have the greatest impact on others by turning the unavoidable cost of power into a means of financial savings and security. 

John has been in the industry for close to two years and has helped approximately 100 families make the switch to solar and take control of their future. 

About CB Solar 

Headquartered in Iowa, CB Solar Inc. has been designing and installing solar energy systems on residential, commercial, and agricultural properties since 2013.

Since its founding, CB Solar has installed over 700 solar energy projects. The company has also been named as one of the Top Solar Contractors by Solar Power World, a title CB Solar has held since 2014. 

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