Best Company Announces New Awards in 2022

Alayna Okerlund

Written by: Alayna Okerlund | Snoball Editorial Team

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Best Company for Business became Snoball in October 2023. Learn more. This award is now known as the Snoball Sustainability Award.

February 2022 — Best Company recently announced quarterly, submission-based awards.

While Best Company's review, rank, score, and merit awards are still available, the review site is implementing quarterly, submission-based awards as a way for companies to receive recognition for their efforts in other noteworthy areas like sustainability, social responsibility, and more.

The Best Company Sustainability Award 

The first submission-based award was announced at the beginning of February 2022 — the Best Company Sustainability Award. 

While any established green initiative in the business world is commendable, Best Company feels true sustainability holds companies to a higher, more future-focused standard. The Best Company Sustainability Award is designed to highlight and congratulate companies that take the extra steps to be sustainable. 

Graphic that features the Best Company Sustainability Badge

The Application Process 

Companies are asked to complete the provided form in order to apply for a quarterly, submission-based award. These forms ask questions related to the award topic and prompt companies to submit a file or link evidence to support their answers. 

Each award application will have a set deadline, and responses will be reviewed by Best Company. After Best Company reviews all responses, companies will be notified via email if they have been selected to receive the award. 

In addition to receiving a website badge, award recipients will be featured on a published list. This list will be promoted across Best Company’s network, website, and social media channels. 

Future Application Awards

Snoball is planning on announcing more submission-based awards. These awards will be announced via email. 

Connect with a Snoball representative to stay updated on these new awards and to learn more about other available business-related accolades.

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